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Dear Visitor,
I appreciate your willingness to help. I have purposely kept the donation amount very low so that it won't be a burden for anybody. But the burden will definitely be finding time to write cheque and mailing it across. I'll really appreciate if you could extract time for this and do that.
Here are the ways to send your donations:

For India Residents:
You can send your donations by money order or bank cheque to the following address.
Kiran Bhave
4/6 Swati Society,
Govandi, Mumbai 400088

For US Residents:
Now you can send your donations through Credit Card also using PayPal.

Click on this to donate $5:

For any other amount click:

If you want to mail a check, please send it to following account:

Make Check Payable to:
Kiran Bhave (A/C# 5078191-S1)

Send Checks to:
Digital Federal Credit Union
220 Donald Lynch Boulevard,
PO Box 9130,
Marlborough, MA 01752-9130

My very special thanks to all the donors & well-wishers.

Donor's List
1-Apr-2002 Jayant Nijsure (India)
24-Apr-2002 Ram Potluri (US)
1-Jan-2003 Arun Bapat (Canada)
23-Apr-2003 Abhijit Jere [Bay Area Maharashtra Mandal] (US)
25-Apr-2003 Ajay Gallewale [] (US)
8-May-2003 Suhas Patil (US)
31-May-2003 Sanjay Matange (US)