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Most of the mapping of KIRAN Fonts is compatible with shusha/shivaji fonts but there are some exceptions to make Kiran font typing simpler and to fit all most commonly used characters onto normal ASCII character set (below 127)



If you have any typed text in one of the following fonts, it can be converted in any font in Kiran font family.

The fonts currently supported are:

Shivaji01, Shivaji02, Shivaji05
Any Devnagari CDAC Font (DV-*.ttf)

Lokweb from Loksatta
Maha from Maharashtra Times
Subak from eSakal

Follow these steps to convert:

Right Click on
This Word Document kiranmacro.doc & save it to hard-disk

Open the document and do as instructed in the document.

If you find anything not working, please report it to me.



To make typing still easier, I'll suggest use of this utility.

IWrite32 Universal Transliteration Utility

This is very nice transliteration utility which can be used for other fonts also to type marathi text

very fast. You will require KIRAN.MAP file in order to work it for Kiran Fonts.

Right Click on
KIRAN.MAP HERE. & save it to hard-disk.

Rename it to before using. (I cannot keep the same name as browsers interpret .map files in different way)