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Interested in publishing your web-site in Marathi/Hindi?
Tired of lousy Marathi/Devnagari fonts?
Donít want costly softwares and tedious Keyboard Layouts?

Your Search ends here.

Kiran fonts are exactly what you want. These are used to work on computers in Devnagari Indian languages ( Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit ) They are developed keeping following things in mind.

FREE to download, use and distribution
Phonetic, Simple, Easy to remember keyboard layout
Should not require any proprietary or special software
Should accomodate all major characters below ASCII 127 so as to work with any browser setting
Compatible or Convertible from text written in other popular fonts

Yes! and it has all of these features.

Key Board Layout of Kiran is based on Phonetic mapping unlike other proprietery fonts. Kiran Font does not require any special software or mapping utility.

Kiran 's layout is designed carefully in such a way that it will serve all the most commonly used characters as well as punctuation marks directly on the keyboard. This will not only help in faster learning but also give ease of typing. Refer
Key Board Layout for details. One can easily learn to type in Devnagri using Kiran.

Do you already have some text in any of these fonts?
-shivaji/shusha fonts (Most Common)
-any Devnagari CDAC Font.
-Maha (Maharashtra Times)
-Lokweb (Loksatta)
-Subak (Sakal)

No Worry!! You'll still able to "migrate" it into Kiran Fonts.
here to get the instructions and the tool.

This is YOUR Font. Use this font and provide your feedback to improve the font.